Insignia TV Setup Without Remote

If you have an Insignia tv, you might sometimes wonder if you can use it without a remote. When you lose or break your insignia tv remote, you need to face problems while finding a perfect remote or fixing the issues with your existing remote. Also, it might consume lots of time in diagnosing the problem with your existing remote.

But if you find a way to operate your insignia tv without a remote that makes your life filled with entertainment again. Below we have added a few ways by which you can operate your insignia tv without a remote. These alternatives are efficient and quick to solve your problems and continue enjoying your favorite shows.

How To Setup Insignia TV Without Remote

Firstly, we suggest try to fix your remote using the new set of batteries or resetting or re-pair it with insignia tv. But if you want to go without remote to operate your tv device then you can:

  1. Buttons on TV: Insignia tv devices have some buttons on the bottom left or right side or on the back side. These buttons are for power on/off, control channel and adjusting the volume. So this might be a quick and best option if you want to operate insignia tv without a remote.
  2. App on your Smartphone: There are various apps available on app store & play store that can operate your insignia tv using the same wifi network or IR.
  3. Use a universal remote: You can also buy a universal remote and program it with your insignia tv device to control all its functions.
  4. Using a USB Keyboard: A USB keyboard can also solve your problem of accessing the insignia tv without a remote. You can use both wired or wireless USB keyboards to control the insignia tv. Just put the USB in the port and you are all set to go.

How To Turn On Insignia TV Without Remote

If you are unable to access your tv remote and would like to turn on your insignia tv without a remote, you can do so by using the power button available on the tv. Usually the power button is available on the bottom of the tv on the left side, left, center or right side or back side of your tv device.

In case, if you have a latest model of insignia tv which has no buttons, then you can use a smartphone app to turn on your insignia tv without a remote.

How To Turn Down Insignia TV Without Remote

To turn down insignia tv when you don’t have a working remote you can either use the power button available on insignia tv or you can install an app in your smartphone that can control your insignia tv device.

Using the app to operate insignia tv devices either you need to have the same wifi connection or an infrared blaster to control the tv.

Also, you can turn down your insignia tv using the power button available on your tv device likewise you press to turn it on. Pressing back will turn off your insignia tv device.

How To Change Channels On Insignia TV Without Remote

If you don’t have a remote control to operate your insignia tv and wants to switch between channels. You can use the hardware keys on your insignia tv for CH+ and CH- to move through next and previous channels.

You can install the app from play store or app store in your smartphone and make use of it to change the channels on your insignia tv.

The last option to use for changing channels on your insignia tv without a remote is using a USB keyboard.  Plug the keyboard into the usb port of your tv device and then you should be able to control your insignia tv.

Final words:

This article is all about using your insignia tv remote control and all its key fixes. We hope all this information finds useful to you in getting rid of troubles with your insignia remote control. Let us know your feedback and views via the comment section available below on this page.

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