How to Program Insignia NS-rc4na-18 Remote & Codes

The new generation Insignia TV comes with a remote control to access all its features but sometimes the situation arises where your remote is no longer working, damaged or lost. If you want to use a remote from another brand, you need to program your TV device with the insignia ns-rc4na-18 remote using Insignia TV universal remote codes. 

To program the universal remote with Insignia tv, you must have valid Insignia tv universal remote codes and program instructions. Also, you can scroll down this page to check the instructions to program your insignia remote control.

Insignia NS-rc4na-18 Remote Code List

There are a wide variety of codes available for all types of remote brands. The users just need to go through the remote manual that comes with the remote and find out the remote codes listed for their brands. If a remote code doesn’t work then they can try using alternatively available codes.

How to Program Insignia Remote NS-rc4na-18

Programming a remote becomes easy for everyone when you have correct programming instructions and remote codes. There are multiple methods available to program your remote control such as auto code search and direct code entry method. Here we have given step by step instructions to program your remote using direct code entry methods.

  1. Navigate to the remote code list you have with the remote. Search for the type of device you wish to control like DVD, TV, AUX, CBL etc. Find your remote brand and outline all the codes available for it.
  2. Tap and hold on the “Setup” key on the universal remote until the red light illuminates. Leave the setup key and the red led will remain on.
  3. Click on and release the device key on the insignia remote for the type of device you would like to program. The led light will blink once and remain on. 
  4. Use the numeric keys on the remote to enter the first 4-digit remote code. The red light will turn off after you enter the last digit.
  5. Aim the remote at the device. Press the keys on the remote to check if it works as expected. If the remote doesn’t respond as expected, return to step 2 and enter another code. 
  6. Repeat the same process for each device you want to program. 

Why Does The Insignia NS-rc4na Remote Not Work?

Watching favorite TV shows on Insignia TV is real joy but sometimes it bothers, when the insignia tv remote is not working. You can try quick and easy fixes for your remote to work with the tv device. 

There are methods to troubleshoot the insignia tv remote that has stopped working. For example:

Solution 1: Check the batteries in your remote if it is properly inserted in the remote. Try replacing the batteries since it might be dead. 

Solution 2: Reset the remote- Hold the home button and click the menu button 3 times.release home and click on menu key 9 times. Remove remote batteries and unplug tv from the power socket. 

Solution 3: If your remote is not connecting, you can try resetting the tv and remote. Hold on the home key for 10 seconds. After a minute try connecting remote & TV. try unplugging the power adapter from tv and plug it back if still it didn’t reconnect.  

Insignia NS-rc4na Manual

A remote manual is a user guide that contains all the information about the particular product. The insignia ns-rc4na-18 remote manual has all the necessary details regarding the universal remote such as remote codes, how to program methods, reset instructions, battery information and many more.

Insignia Remote Manual


This article is all about programming a insignia ns-rc4na-18 universal remote control. Please write us your feedback and suggestions how you feel about this information using the below available comment box. 

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