GE Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Are you looking for GE remote codes for Insignia TV? If Yes, Then you are now at the right webpage. If your Insignia TV remote has been lost or damaged, you can program your GE universal remote to work with an insignia tv device. Using GE universal remote, you can program and operate multiple devices with a single remote control. To setup the remote control you need to program it using the universal remote codes available for your remote brand and model. Programming a universal remote will save your time and money both to find a compatible insignia tv remote control. Below we have added a wide range of insignia tv code for GE universal remote and step by step program instructions.

GE Universal Remote Codes Insignia List

GE remote codes are required when programming a TV and remote of another brand. Insignia tv has many types of GE universal remote codes for insignia tv like 3 digit, 4 digit and 5 digit codes. There are codes to adjust  the volume, TV channels, etc. You need to check the code list version of your remote to know which type of remote code it accepts. After that you need to scroll down the remote codes list and select a code available for your universal remote brand.

0371, 2891, 1741, 0581, 0701, 0871, 0921, 1241, 1381, 2241, 2271, 2921, 3761, 3841, 4371, 4721, 4761, 5051, 5061, 5181

GE Cl5 Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

If you have recently purchased a GE remote for Insignia TV then it might have Cl5 remote codes. So you need to check which type of universal remote control you have before programming the remote. You can also take help from the user manual that comes in the package while purchasing the remote.

2891, 6381, 6171, 0371, 1741, 2271, 0141, 6481, 0581, 2921, 0871, 0921, 2241, 6181, 3761, 4371, 4721, 4761, 5051, 5061, 5181

GE Universal Remote Codes for Insignia Roku TV

You can program multiple home entertainment devices using a single GE universal remote including your Roku TV. To program the remote with roku you need GE universal remote codes for Roku TV along with program instructions. Select the correct remote code for your remote and start programming the remote control.





How to Program GE Universal Remote to Insignia TV

GE universal remote programming is quick and easy when you have valid remote codes and program instructions. You can select any programming method and enter the code & follow the step by step instructions available for remote setup as follows:

  1. Tap & hold on the SETUP key until the indicator light turns on. Release the setup key and the led light will remain on.
  2. Press & release the “Device” mode key on the remote for the type of device you wish to control such as TV. The led light blinks once and remain on.
  3. Use the numeric keys on the remote to enter the first code you have found. After entering the last digit the led will turn off.
  4. Aim the remote control at the device. Test the buttons on the remote to see if that functions properly. If the remote doesn’t perform appropriately repeat the steps again with another code.

Final words:

This article is all about programming GE universal remote with Insignia TV and remote codes. Please write us your suggestions and feedback to make further improvements. Also, let us know if you are looking for any new code or program instructions via the comment section below.

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