RCA Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Do you want to configure a RCA universal remote with insignia tv? Our today’s guide will help you in setting up your universal remote with insignia tv and continue enjoying seamless entertainment. RCA universal remote can be programmed and paired with multiple electronics devices to remove the hassle of managing individual remotes for each device.

To program a rca universal remote with your device, you may need rca remote codes for insignia tv. For your convenience, below on the same page we have updated a wide range of rca universal codes for insignia tv of all types along with remote programming instructions. Just go through the list and select a code to program your remote control with insignia tv.

RCA Universal Remote Codes Insignia List

To program a rca remote with insignia tv you need working rca remote control codes. For that first you need to check the code list version of your remote and then go through the codes list to select a remote code. Remote codes are mainly 3 digit, 5 digit, and 4 digit codes that work according to the code list version of your remote. So if you have the latest version of your remote then it might be that your remote will accept 5 digit remote codes.

4 Digit Codes


5 Digit Codes


How to Program RCA Remote to Insignia TV

Remote programming for your insignia tv is very easy with some quick simple steps. Just enter your code and follow these steps to setup your rca remote control with insignia tv as follows:

  1. Manually “Turn on” your insignia tv device.
  2. Point out your remote at the tv and tap & hold the “TV” button on rca remote.
  3. Once the led light turns on, enter code then at the same time click on ON/Off and TV key until the lights turn on again.
  4. Tap & hold the play or slow key on the rca remote for 5 seconds. After that your insignia TV device should turn off.
  5. If the tv switches off, it means your remote is working. If it doesn’t turn off the TV, click on the play & slow buttons again. Repeat this process every 5 seconds until the device turns off.

Final words:

That’s all about programming a rca universal remote with insignia tv using the step by step instructions provided and universal remote codes. Please write to us how you feel about this article and let us know if you are looking for any remote code that is yet not available here.

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