Xfinity Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Are you looking to program your Xfinity remote to control your Insignia TV? You’ve come to the right place for all the information you need to set up your Xfinity universal remote control. Whether your original Insignia TV remote is malfunctioning or you’re in need of a replacement, the Xfinity remote is an excellent alternative. It will not only save you time but also the expense of searching for a compatible universal remote.

To pair the Xfinity remote with your Insignia TV, you will need the correct universal remote control codes, which you will find listed below. We provide a comprehensive array of Xfinity universal remote codes, accompanied by detailed instructions on how to program your remote control.

Insignia Xfinity Remote Code List

Our list includes a diverse selection of remote codes compatible with all the major remote brands. You’ll find 4-digit, 3-digit, and 5-digit codes, applicable depending on your remote’s code list version. If your remote was purchased recently, it might require a 5-digit code. Please review the list of codes carefully and select the one that corresponds with your remote to program your Insignia Xfinity remote.

12049, 11756, 11204, 11517, 11660, 12751, 11326, 11641, 12002, 12417, 11564, 11785, 11892, 10463, 10171, 11385, 11963, 11463

Program Your Xfinity XR2 Remote to an Insignia TV

There are multiple methods to program an Xfinity XR2 remote control for use with an Insignia TV. You can choose any of the available methods and follow the step-by-step instructions to program your remote control. If you cannot find a remote code that works with your Xfinity remote, you can opt for the auto code search method.

Here are the steps to program your remote:

  1. Turn on the Insignia TV you wish to program.
  2. Press and hold the SETUP button on the remote for 3 seconds until the power button changes from red to green.
  3. Enter the code you found from the list of codes. The power button should blink twice to confirm.
  4. Aim the remote at the Insignia TV and press the power button.
  5. If the TV turns off, switch it back on and check if the volume and mute buttons work properly.
  6. If the TV does not turn off, repeat the process with the next code in the list.

Final Thoughts:

We value your feedback and reviews on this article as it helps us make continuous improvements. We have updated the codes for all major remote brands, ensuring you can easily find the ones you need. Additionally, please inform us through the comments section below if you require any new codes that are not yet listed here.

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