Comcast Remote Code For Insignia TV

Are you looking for comcast remote control codes for insignia tv? If yes, our today’s guide will definitely help you to find the latest comcast remote codes for insignia tv remote. To program any device with comcast remote control you need to enter universal remote control codes. If you need a replacement remote for your insignia tv device then having a comcast remote control  saves you both time & money of finding a compatible remote. Programming the comcast remote control is easy with remote control codes and correct instructions to set up the remote. Here on the same page we have updated a long list of universal remote codes and detailed instructions to program comcast remote.

Comcast Remote Code for Insignia TV List

There are many types of remote control codes such as 4 digit, 3 digit, and 5 digit codes. You need to check the code list version of your comcast remote before selecting a remote code. The newest version of comcast remotes uses 5 digit universal codes. So select a code according to the code list version of your remote and brand. Then start following the programming guide. If after programming the remote, it doesn’t work properly then you need to repeat the process again with different remote codes.

12049, 11756, 11204, 11641, 12002, 12417, 11564, 10463, 11517, 11660, 11785, 11892, 12751, 11326, 10171, 11385, 11963, 11463

How to program comcast remote to insignia tv?

Follow the below available step by step instructions to program your comcast remote control with insignia tv device.

  1. Point the remote control at your tv box, tap the microphone button and say “Program Remote”.
  2. Tap the A button on your remote.
  3. Select remote setup on the TV
  4. It will ask “Do you want to use a remote to control your TV Power & Volume?” Tap on YES.
  5. You will get a notification that the remote is now paired with voice control. Then it will ask “Would you like to control your TV using your remote”. Select YES.
  6. Type the brand of TV using on screen number & letters. Then tap on OK.
  7. You will see a notification that you remote is ready to pair. Choose OK.
  8. Check if the pairing of your remote is successful by attempting to adjust the volume.
  9. If you can change the volume with the remote, tap It works!
  10. If can’t adjust the volume with remote, tap it doesn’t work and repeat the process again.

Final words:

We hope you will like our comcast remote for insignia tv article for programming your remote control. Please share your feedback and suggestions about this article and let us know if you are looking for any new remote codes that are not posted here yet using the below available comment section.

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