Insignia Directv Remote Code & Program

Did you recently purchase a directv remote? Now you can program your directv remote control with insignia tv and enjoy seamless entertainment. A directv remote has many benefits along with cost & time savvy. Using the directv remote you can setup and operate multiple electronics devices and access all their features using a single remote. If your insignia tv device remote is not working you can pair your directv remote and enjoy your favorite shows.

To pair insignia tv with directv remote control you need insignia tv codes for directv remote and program instructions. Directv remote can be programmed using various methods and you can select any method to go with. Below on the same page we have mentioned a wide range of directv remote codes for insignia tv along with remote programming instructions.

Insignia TV Codes for Directv Remote

Directv remote codes are the necessary thing if you want to program a insignia tv with directv remote. To know about which type of code you need to program your remote, you need to remove the back cover of your remote and check its code list version. According to the code list version you need to check the 3 digit, 4 digit or 5 digit code you need. Browse through the codes list available below and choose a code to program your remote control.













How to program directv remote to insignia TV

Programming the remote control for insignia tv is quick and simple with following below given step by step instructions available here:

Newer style DirectV remote:

  1. Hold on SELECT + MUTE same time until the led light on top blinks twice.
  2. Using the numeric keypad, enter the first digit of remote code. Wait for the green light on the top of your remote to flash twice.
  3. Now enter the remaining four digits of the code.
  4. Point out the directv remote at your insignia tv and click the “OFF” button once. The tv should switch off. If it doesn’t turn off, repeat the same steps again with another remote code.

Older Style Directv remote:

  1. Hold SELECT + MUTE same time until the led indicator blinks twice at the top of your directv remote.
  2. Enter the TV code you have selected. Wait for the green light of the led indicator to blink twice- which means code was accepted.
  3. Point out the remote control at insignia tv and click on the “PWR” key once. Your tv should switch off. If it doesn’t, repeat the steps above with different code until you will find the valid code.


We hope you will find our article useful in finding the directv remote codes and programming the insignia directv remote control. Please share your views and suggestions to  provide more useful content. Also, write to us if you are looking for any new universal codes that are not updated here yet.

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